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Nowadays, smartphones are utilized to examine e-mail, gain access to Facebook and Twitter, take pictures, browse the 
Web, play video games and a lot much more. Just how do you pick the ideal mobile smartphone? 
The apple iphone hands down, provides the most user friendly interface and offers the best apps from day one.
Android smartphones, nonetheless, supply bigger displays, more attributes and more modification choices. 
Windows cellphones are really wonderful for both smartphone newbies and professional photographers.
At Phonedeploy we evaluate lots of smartphones during the year based on layout, attributes, performance and learning curve,
 to assist you in making the best decision. 
Just take a look at this partial selection of a few of the best smartphones presently offered in the marketplace today.
Then buy cell phones online at PhoneDeploy for what is current in apple's iphone, 
Android smartphones, other mobile devices and accessories. 

Sony Xperia Z1s Best Waterproof Phone
Sony Xperia Z1s smartphone, to take pictures under water formerly meant you needed a durable under water protector. But Sony’s Xperia Z1s already comes waterproofed. xperia-Z1sThis totally waterproofed phone can take pictures with its video camera while completely submerged. The Z1s’ 5-inch wide screen comes with a Snapdragon CPU hosting a 32GB internal memory and 2GB of RAM. Some excellent Xperia Camera applications are included with the unit as well. The Timeshift Burst app, allows you to take more than 60 photos in 2 secs then scroll to those you wish to retain. This excellent Android phone has a preloaded PlayStation App that works as a one touch button to play the PS4.



HTC One M8: Best Designed Smartphone

galaxy note-3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with full HD screen, very fast processor and with an extended battery life much greater than 10 hours. Samsung has also made lots of improvements to its pen software, making it less complicated to take and share notes



Apple iPhone 5S: Great Smartphone for Camera and Apps


The iPhone 5S is hands down the most innovative smartphones and boasts a major amount of speed, thanks to Apple’s high tech 64 bit A7 chip. This device puts out double the overall efficiency of graphics power. Plus, the 5S offers a superb video camera with larger pixels and double flash.

The Apple iphone (smartphone) comes with a super cool Touch ID function giving you the ability to unlock the phone to do your shopping using the on-board touch sensor  It also comes with  a very high capacity battery and many color selections.



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